Spectacular and dynamic, the EMBL Advanced Training Centre on the Heidelberg campus is surrounded by forest in the picturesque hills of Heidelberg and an ideal venue for holding scientific conferences and courses in the heart of Europe. Please find below some useful information for when you arrive onsite at the event. EMBL_drone

Charging lockers
Electricity and charging station
EMBL merchandise
Health and safety notes
Lost and found
Nursing room
Room for prayer, yoga and meditation
Travel to and from the venue
Useful German expressions


All meals and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee. Our catering staff will prepare a wide variety of vegetarian meals, meat and fish dishes, soups, pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a variety of desserts.

Please wear your badge at all times when serving yourself.

No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.

Charging lockers

There are lockers available next to the stairs leading down into the Auditorium. You will find some of those equipped with sockets to charge your smartphone/tablet etc.

Electricity and charging station

In most places the electricity is 220 volts AC (50 cycles). An adaptor and a plug that fits the German socket may be needed for your appliances/laptop (i.e. American, Japanese, etc.). A USB charging station for electronic devices is available at the registration desk.

EMBL merchandise

EMBL Merchandise is available on Mon – Thu (9 am – 12 pm). If you are interested in purchasing an EMBL souvenir (products presented in the glass display in the registration area), please ask at the registration desk for more information.

Health and safety notes

Do not smoke in any EMBL building.
Eating and drinking is prohibited in the Auditorium and all laboratories.
Do not enter any restricted areas or the laboratories unless instructed to do so.

If first aid is required ...

  • The first aid room is located next to the ATC Registration Desk (room 10- 205).
  • Dial the Emergency number 222 from any EMBL internal phone only.
  • Where is the accident? What happened? How many injured?
  • Emergency number 06221-387 7821 from mobile phones.
  • Please report all accidents to the conference officer at the registration desk.

In case of fire ...

  • Press the nearest fire alarm button or the Emergency number 222 from any internal phone.
  • A loud fire alarm will go off if an evacuation is required. On hearing the alarm leave the building immediately following the escape route and fire wardens and head to one of the meeting points
  • Do not use the lifts.

Beyond first aid...

Please remember to bring your own medication, if needed, to the conference. Note that the next pharmacy is a 4-minute drive from the EMBL, but for many medications you will be required to see a doctor to get a prescription.

Ensure in advance that your medical insurance will cover you during your visit in the event that you do need to see a doctor while in Heidelberg. In any case, the EMBL Course and Conference Office will assist you to get to the pharmacy and a doctor of your choice if necessary.


Wi-Fi is available everywhere on the premises (no password required), just log on to ATC-Guest. The eduroam network (secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community) is also available.

Lost and found

‘’Lost and Found’’ are kept at the registration desk until the end of the conference.


There are lockers available on-site to store your luggage, which require a 2 EURO coin to operate. There is another luggage room on level E0, which is free to use but remains unlocked during the conference.

Nursing room

There is a nursing room available in the ATC Rooftop Lounge on level A29.


During the conference an EMBL Photographer may be taking photographs. If you would not like to appear in these, please inform the photographer or a member of the Course and Conference Office.


We can help printing your boarding passes/train ticket. Please send it to events@embl.de and collect your print-outs at the registration desk.

Room for prayer, yoga and meditation

New room for prayer, mediation and yoga located on level E0 behind the Auditorium. Please be respectful of other participants using the room.


A variety of activities in Heidelberg can be found on this website: www.heidelberg-marketing.com

Travel to and from the venue

During the event we provide conference shuttle busses to and from EMBL. In addition, there is the public bus 39A that serves the EMBL campus and taxis can be easily booked at any time. Information on the conference shuttle busses can be found on the individual event website and more detailed information on travelling to EMBL can be found on our Travel Information page.

Useful German expressions




Auf Wiedersehen

Good morning

Guten Morgen

Good afternoon

Guten Tag

Good evening

Guten Abend

Good night

Gute Nacht

I’m sorry

Tut mir leid

Excuse me...

Entschuldigen Sie

How are you?

Wie gehts?

I’m fine thanks. And you?

Mir geht es gut , danke, und dir/Ihnen?

What is your name

Wie heisst du? Wie heissen Sie?

My name is

Ich heisse

Do you speak English

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

I don’t understand

Ich verstehe nicht

Please speak more slowly

Können Sie bitte langsamer sprechen

Thank you


Where is the toilet?

Wo ist die Toilette?

Please call me a taxi

Bitte rufen Sie mir ein Taxi

How do I get to....?

Wie komme ich zum/zur.....?

A beer/two beers please

Ein Bier/zwei Bier bitte

A glass of red/white wine please

Ein Glas Rot/Weisswein bitte

The menu, please

Die Speisekarte, bitte

Is there a local speciality?

Gibt es eine Spezialität aus dieser Gegend?

I’m Vegetarian

Ich bin Vegetarier

It was delicious

Es war hervorragend

The bill, please

Die Rechnung, bitte

I have a headache

Ich habe Kopfschmerzen

I have a sore throat

Ich habe Halsschmerzen

My stomach hurts

Ich habe Magenschmerzen

I’m allergic to

Ich bin allergisch gegen

I need a doctor who speaks English

Gibt es einen Arzt, der Englisch spricht?